HH writes to Sata over power blackouts


21st August, 2012

Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata

Republican President

State House


Dear President Sata,


We write to seek your indulgence in a matter that is affecting most of our citizens.

We are concerned with the rampant load shedding that the citizens are subjected to on a daily basis at the hands of ZESCO.

The continuous and rampant load shedding is causing misery to our citizens.  As a result of load shedding electrical appliances are being damaged everyday. Further, the uncoordinated and haphazard load shedding causes a serious threat to the security of our people and property.  Additionally, load shedding is greatly affecting production and the overall conduct of business in our country.

We are also concerned that load shedding is more frequent in the high density areas.  Our brothers and sisters are already living in deplorable conditions and the load shedding is making these situations worse.  Our people need relief from these black outs.

We wish to remind you Mr. President that no loading shedding in 90 days was among the many promises you made during the 2011 election campaign.

Further, we find the proposed upward adjustment on electricity tariffs as unjustifiable.  In fact, this proposed hike is a contradiction to another of your election campaign pledges.  History has also taught us that increase in tariffs does not translate into improved service delivery.  Instead the poor household consumers, with their meager resources, are made to subsidize Zesco’s incompetence.

Political leadership is all about delivering solutions that lead to improvement in the quality of life of our people.  We are cognisant of the fact that at this time in the political history of our country, you are the one responsible for providing the executive political oversight Zesco needs to better the lives of our people by supplying affordable and reliable power.

It is in view of the foregoing that we appeal to your office to treat these challenges as a matter of national emergency so as to alleviate the inconveniences our people are facing nation wide.

We trust and hope that the matters we have raised will be given due attention by your office and Zesco.

Yours sincerely,

Hakainde Hichilema



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