HH’s interview on QFM

Yesterday on 1st October, 2015, I listened to HH’s interview on QFM from the time it started to the end and only those who hate him for no reason will be against what he said. Over 10 people called to express their opinions and only one gentle man by the name of Goma if not mistaken was against HH. Those who listened to the interview will bear me witness… He (HH) even quoted Commandment number 3 of the 10 God’s Commandments that tells us NEVER to put the name of God into dispute, which President Lungu is exactly doing. What is the difference between a THIEF that goes round breaking people’s houses knowing that he will pray for forgiveness afterwards and President Lungu who makes Zambians suffer due to his bad leadership & then calls for a day of National Prayers??? Is that not Mocking God??? Surely my fellow Zambians, Who has bewitched you that you can still believe in a failed Government?? Who is not being affected by Loadsheding today under Edgar Lungu? How much is fuel today under Edgar Lungu? How much is a plastic carrier bag today under Edgar Lungu? How much is Cooking oil today under Edgar Lungu? How much is a pack of Jiggies today under Edgar Lungu? How much is Fertiliser today under Edgar Lungu? How much is mineral water today under Edgar Lungu?….. And so on and so forth.

With all these problems, someone without shame, is still praising the PF Government! What charm have they given you that you are failing to see that the problems we are having are self-inflicted? Let no one cheat you that its because of “DOLLAR”… Which Dollar? How did Mwanawasa and Magande manage to bring it to less than K3,000 Old Currency? Are you sure if Edgar Lungu and his selfish Party had vision they would fail to find means of generating other resources?? Tell me… Edgar Lungu told us that he has no Vision but acting as if someone put a spell on us, we still went ahead and voted for him! How foolish are we? Even the Bible says “Where there is hope, there is a way” it goes on to say “My people perish because of lack of knowledge.” Edgar Lungu does not know what to do and those with eyes please open them before we fall into a death trap. For your own information, On 30th September 2015, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia was scheduled to be interviewed by the BBC Focus on Africa programme BUT he chickened out at a last minute upon realising he had nothing to tell the world. What a shame!! The problem with our president is that, he can only read speeches prepared, written and typed for him. He can not answer One on One questions. Ahead of 20th January 2014 Presidential By-Elections, Edgar Lungu again failed to show up for a scheduled programme on MUVI TV where he was supposed to debate alongside the likes of HH, Nawakwi and Nevers Mumba. My fellow Zambians, let us wake up and see that Edgar Lungu is deceiving us. He is busy misusing Tax Payers money flying to destinations of his choice and also bribing voters during By-Elections and all you have to say is “IFINTU NI LUNGU” Let us open our eyes and see that HH is the only one who can take our country forward.

Kelvin Mwanza

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