HH’s prosecutors to carry recorders in court, HH’s lawyer Phiri might be banned

State Advocates who will prosecute Hakainde Hichilema the UPND President during his treason trial will be equipped with special recording gadgets in the court.

The purpose is for them to use the information to consult PF alligned senior lawyers that include Eric Silwamba, Bonaventure Mutale and others at State Lodge.

” The state advocates can not stand the defense team so they will be consulting on every step,”  a source has disclosed.

The decision was arrived at a meeting at around 06 hrs at State House in Lusaka attended by Edgar Lungu, Samuel Nkhoma the Intelligence Chief who will supply the recording equipment and Sakwiba Sikota.

Meanwhile, Defense Lawyer Gilbert Phiri is set to be banned from sitting on the bench for the opinion he made on the treason trial.

Ireene  Mambilima the Chief inJustice has instructed the judiciary to ban Phiri.

Lawyer Phiri


This is a breaking story we will update you later. ZWD Advise. Let Defense Lawyers search the prosecution team.


  • Ba pf they are all coward

  • Father in heaven show them that you.are.mightie than.them.Show them that.you.are the God of.justice Hold their brains so that whatever demonic tricks they undertake will be lended useless.Thank Jesus for answering this prayer.May our leader hh.and his lawyers prevail agaisnt these.unjust people.,i mean the.pf.Amen!

  • For security

  • I pray for presidents ECL to have blessed Sunday church service

  • Evil at it’s best

  • Which law are they going to use to conduct a search ? Cite a law which prohibits such a move .

  • Could this be the downfall of the powers maybe#


  • This Is Nnt True &good

  • Why is Commonwealth witnessing the process? Hope I won’t be jailed for my question?

  • we are in the digital world

  • The is nothing wrong to consult

  • Yes search those incompetent PF lawyers

  • This treason case will not be in chamber but in the public court room where everyone is free to attend. If so then the op operatives can still record the proceedings.

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  • We still have one Keith, Haimbe, Mucende, Mushipe etc

  • but kikikikikikikik,so in pf everyone is dull,including the totoise?evrything they ar sared,ati lawyer,mapepa yodoba,u will be butchered on monday

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    Chelsey 7 months

    Pf’s government strategy is tantamount to kindergarten level. What an embarrassment for Zambia to be called a Christian country led by a humble man. My foot! The reaity is that Zambia is under dictatorship. Mugabe and Museveni’s evil schemes are visible for everyone to see in pf govt

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  • Whether you like it or not but ZWD reports the truth and never get caught

  • Watchdog the page that digs deeper

  • God bless HH and zambia at large

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