HH’s prosecutors to carry recorders in court, HH’s lawyer Phiri might be banned

State Advocates who will prosecute Hakainde Hichilema the UPND President during his treason trial will be equipped with special recording gadgets in the court.

The purpose is for them to use the information to consult PF alligned senior lawyers that include Eric Silwamba, Bonaventure Mutale and others at State Lodge.

” The state advocates can not stand the defense team so they will be consulting on every step,”  a source has disclosed.

The decision was arrived at a meeting at around 06 hrs at State House in Lusaka attended by Edgar Lungu, Samuel Nkhoma the Intelligence Chief who will supply the recording equipment and Sakwiba Sikota.

Meanwhile, Defense Lawyer Gilbert Phiri is set to be banned from sitting on the bench for the opinion he made on the treason trial.

Ireene  Mambilima the Chief inJustice has instructed the judiciary to ban Phiri.

Lawyer Phiri


This is a breaking story we will update you later. ZWD Advise. Let Defense Lawyers search the prosecution team.


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  • Its more challenging to face the HH Defence Team via recorder “consultations” as it will confuse the prosecution more. Just wait and see. It will be a plus for the Defence Team. If Eric and Sakwiba think they can help to reduce the embarrassement let them JOIN and be LIVE in court. But these a finished lawyers who can only feed on what falls from the tables of politicians in power. Sakwiba like Frank Bwalya FAILED to run his own “Kantemba of a political party”.

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  • Why Phiri Might Banned 2 Attanda 2 Court

  • Why Phiri Might Banned 2 Attanda 2 Court

  • Wheels of justice grind slowly but finally reaches

  • Really u believe this? The state can use court workers or anyone in the court room to record all proceedings during the case. Anyway it’s my opinion

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