HH’s rising popularity making me sick, PF official

HH’s rising popularity making me sick, PF official



Since the death of Micheal Sata in 2014, I have been a staunch PF supporter a Die Hard. Am one of the many decided voters we have in Zambia. I respect his excellence ECL our party president just as I respect president HH. But above both of them , I envy the politics & the leadership of Harry Kalaba,the man just inspires me though I know 2021 is either for PF or UPND.
Talking about 2021, at the beginning I thought it was automatic that our party PF was going to carry the day but of late, indicators are showing otherwise. Majority Zambians are PF but what my government is doing to them leaves them with no option but but to try UPND.
Some of the things stirring anger in many voters today especially in Eastern Province are that
1.AS PF WE GIVEN TOO MUCH POWERS TO CARDERS as a result marketeers & bus drivers are frustrated.

2.NO PROPER REASON HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE RESURFACING OF LOADSHADING..bar owners, salon & barbershop owners, those with butcheries & many residents are affected and frustrated. If the government can be allowing loadshedding this time, what more after elections? People are fed up with our party.

3. OK VINTU VADULA..be it PF, UPND or green party, we all feeling Ka pinch.This is too much …
The list is endless but many are silent for fear of being victimised. That dormant & silent volcano may just erupt on 12th August 2021 and we may end up crying like we cried when President.
I have never believed in HH & I have never been UPND but this can’t delete the fact that HH may win this election. My party PF just like our former party MMD are underrating the opponents,which is disastrous in any game. We have tried to block HH from campaigning using ECZ, the Ministry of Health and the Police but seem to be bearing fruits as the man’s popularity keep increasing while President Lungu is going down. Four days ago, I was in Lusaka where I had a private discussion with our Press Leader Antonio Mwanza and he told me he was finding it had to defend Nkandu Luo’s destroyed political image. Hence the move to hire Kambwili at a very expensive rate per month.
I just urge the UPND campaign to up their games…distance the party from toxic bloggers like seer1, tukuta & many extremists.Invest in the luapula boys(knack crew)
Accept now tht HH has more supporters from Eastern ,northern copperbelt & everywhere.
I may not be a good political analyst but in my shallow interpretation of times, I think HH IS GOING TO STATE HOUSE THIS AUGUST. IT IS JUST HIS TIME….

Eugene Tembo.

PF Deputy Party Mobiliser

Eastern Province.IMG_8593


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    Tavutika 2 weeks ago

    Imwe mwe banthu, it’s now HH’s time to rule!!  God has turned his face away from Edgar. Infact,  God has raised an army of angels to fight HHs battles, no matter what PF is planning to do to stay in power in won’t happen.  Mulungu Akana.  God hates Sin.  Finish, Basi, Kwasila!!

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    Muwerewere Musemakweri 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Mr. Eugene Tembo for your being forthright, one does not need to be a political scientist like Dr. Alex N’goma, Noel or uncle George Mponbo to read the mood of the situation. PF has inflicted most of the political fortunes they had becuase of being to much of themselves, harassing members of the general public, making uncoordinated statements, taking action to punish people without thinking of the results, displaying massive wealth by their members yet the general populance is wallowing in poverty. They claim to have done more developmental projects like housing units for defence and defence personnel but what about other members of the public who are creating the wealth for nation. I can imagine the frustrations Antonio Mwanza is going through, the young man has tried his best but all his efforts are falling apart because you can not defend wrong characters. PF leadership has to accept that HH nd UPND’s time to rule Zambia has come. They can block HH and his team from campaigning but each time they do that the whole NATION AND WORLD are watching. PF has inflicted all these miseries and unpopularity due to peddling lies among its leaders and general membership. A lot of the members are hanging around sue to CASH MONEY being dished out otherwise THE BOAT DRIFTED in a wrong direction long time ago.Where ever the PF is to show its face the MASSIVE RESPONSE HAS BEEN FORWARD and WE WANT CHANGE. Never under rate your opponent no matter how weak they may be. The other main contributor to PF down fall is the ECZ, they have done more damage than any other public institution to PF followed by ZP and Zambia Public Health Management Authority and of late some confused PS’s. PF used to have very vocal cadres but today less or lito is heard of them after being some cuts from some contracts.

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    Tumbuka 2 weeks ago

    When God has decided to go ahead with HH, no one can stop the Chariots of Holy Fire