Hichilema accused of selling UPND to Sata

THE Committee of Citizens (CC) says United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has betrayed his predecessor Anderson Mazoka by allegedly selling the party to the Patriotic Front (PF).

CC executive director Gregory Chifire said in an interview in Lusaka on February 21 Mr Hichilema has allegedly sold the UPND to PF president Michael Sata by entering into a pact with him.

Mr Chifire said it is unfortunate that Mr Hichilema has entered into a pact with Mr Sata and betrayed Mr Mazoka’s vision.

“We understand Mr Hichilema held a meeting to discuss ways to give up the UPND to the PF,” he said.

He said it is from this meeting that they drew up a presentation which UPND chairperson for international relations Clive Chirwa presented to the PF without consulting the general membership of the party.

Mr Chifire alleged that Mr Hichilema sold the party to the PF during a meeting at a named hotel in Lusaka last week.

He said it was during the meeting that the UPND lobbied for good coverage from a named newspaper.

Mr Chifire said in exchange for the good coverage, a senior official was promised that in the event the pact won the elections, it would enjoy certain favours.

He challenged people who attended the meeting to deny the allegations.

Mr Chifire said the people who attended the alleged meeting should also explain how they found themselves there because they do not appear as members of the UPND in any documents of the party.

He said his organisation believes that the pact wants such people to provide leadership in the event the PF and UPND form government.

Mr Chifire said people in Southern Province have allegedly been dribbled by Mr Hichilema and when they realise this, the UPND leader will lose their support.
Daily Mail

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