Hichilema defends embattled LAZ president

Hichilema defends embattled LAZ president

Hichilema on a campaign trail in Northwest

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says calls for the resignation of Law Association of Zambia president Musa Mwenye to resign are uncalled for.

Hichilema said that Mwenye’s observations on the running of the public-media are correct.

Hichilema says that it is public knowledge that the coverage of the public media works against the majority of Zambias.

He said that it is  pointless to start calling for the resignation of  Mwenye when he was speaking on behalf of the majority Zambians.

He said he does not agree with Mwenye on many issues but that on this one he stands with him.

Hichilema said the the public media is not covering opposition political parties but conentrates on advertising the ruling MMD.

And Hichilema has described the on-going real change campaigns in northwestern province as a successful.

Hichilema told QFM Radio by phonethat it is clear that most Zambians are geared for change in the coming elections.

He said that the UPND has received overwhelming response in the campaigns they are conducting nationwide.

He urged Zambians  to vote for credible leaders .

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