Hichilema is a mental patient, says Kapyongo

Hichilema is a mental patient, says Kapyongo

… says loosing elections 5 times has stripped Hichilema of his mental wellness.

Shiwan’gandu/ 23rd November 2020

By PF Smart Eagles

SHIWAN’GANDU Constituency Member of Parliament Hon Stephen Kampyongo has insisted that opposition United Party for National Development UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema is in urgent need of mental health attention.

Speaking in interview in Shiwan’gandu today, Hon Kampyongo who’s is also Minister of Home Affairs said that the lunacy the UPND leader has been exhibiting whenever he addresses a fraction of Zambians requires proper mental health scrutiny.

He said that it is very unfortunate for an entire Presidential aaspirant to be conducting himself in the manner Hichilema has been lately of insulting Zambians.

“Clearly the man has lost his mental sanity because no sane political leader can use the kind of fowl language he has been using every time he gets a chance to address a section of Zambians “Hon Kampyongo said.

He wondered why the women folk and all their pressure groups and movements are mute after Hichilema showered insulted them at a rally in Pemba recently.

Hon Kampyongo said that Hichilema needs to learn to tame his colonized mind and mouth and begin to put some respect on Zambian women as opposed to going round demeaning them.

“ So those who claimed he did not understand the language he used when he insulted Bembas in Kasama not long ago, what are they saying now that he has chosen to insult Zambians in his on language”Hon Kampyongo wondered.

Hon Kampyongo said that it is possible for Hichilema to undergo a mental health break down because loosing elections five times in a role is no easy cross to carry.


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