Hichilema regrets Sata’s inconsistencies

The National Restoration Party (NAREP) says it’s good that President Michael Sata had realised that politics in opposition and politics in reality are different.

And UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has regretted Sata’s inconsistences on almost all issues.

Chipimo was referring to the pronouncement Sata made when he was in opposition that he would chase Chinese investors in the country.

Sata over the weekend recoiled and said he will embrace Chinese investment as opposed to promises he made when he was campaigning.

He said the problem thatZambiawas facing was not about foreign investment but the failure by the Government to enforce standards and regulations that investors should adhere to. Mr Chipimo said what was needed was to make sure that investors worked according to the standards and regulations that were prevailing in the country.

And Mr Hichilema said he was happy that President Sata had realised that there could never be development inZambiawithout encompassing foreign investors. Mr Hichileme said the cardinal matter regarding foreign investment was to ensure that Zambians as well as investors benefited from these investments.

He, however, regretted Sata’s continued inconsistent tendencies in the way he was governing the country so far.

Hichilema said the country should expect many shifting in goal posts such as the reinstating of the secretary to the treasury position which he abolished illegally. “We have seen that these inconsistencies and irregularities have continued as he has quietly reversed his wrong decision to abolish the position of the secretary to the treasury position by later swearing in the secretary to the treasury last week.

He reiterated that the opposition would not support any bills that were negative which would be proposed by the Government. He said the opposition would not also bow down to Mr Sata’s tendency to bully members of Parliament (MPs) like the recent threat to dissolve Parliament following their decision to reject to Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Mr Hichilema said the reason that the PAC was rejected was because President Sata had illegally abolished the position of the secretary to the treasure. “President Sata should accept criticism as this is a democratic country. The opposition will support all the positive bills like it has done to support bills last week when it approved positive bills, but will not be bullied to accept negative bills from the Government,” Hichilema said.

He said the opposition was there to offer checks and balances and would do that without being threatened. Hichilema also urged Zambians to start holding political leaders accountable of their actions and promises.

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