Hichilema rubbishes story linking his party to MMD

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has dismissed with contempt a story published by the Post newspaper claiming that the UPND and MMD are discussing an alliance.
Hichilema said on his Face Book page that:
“There are no alliance discussions whatsoever between the UPND and MMD. “The story in the Newspaper is baseless and lacks merit. We detest corruption, MMD embraces it, we believe in prudent management of economic resources, MMD is reckless with our resources, need i say more?”
The Post newspaper claimed in their Tuesday edition that the UPND and MMD have opened discussions to explore possibilities of an alliance ahead of the 2011 elections.
The Post attributed the story to
‘Highly placed sources’ within the UPND.
The Post quoted an unknown ‘highly placed’ source saying:
“Currently there is a very secret window of talks that has been opened between ourselves and the MMD. Only a selected few are supposed to be involved in these talks to avoid leakages,” the source said.
The source revealed that the proposal for an alliance had the backing of most UPND parliamentarians.

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