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    GAMACUULU 8 years ago


    it would not go well for the people of southern province to keep quiet and let Mr daniel munkombwe utterances without responce from the kantunya kamunsabata program interview

    Mr munkombwe used this tonga program to look like he was advising the people of southern province and yet the old man was actualy begging for a job from president sata.It is in history that the old man cannot stay without the Government Breast.It is commonly known in southern province that had it not been President Levy mwanawasa MHSRIP his farm house roof would have fallen on him.His wealth is dependent upon the government breast.If sata wont appoint him,the money he raised from the Mwanawasa/Banda governmet is finished and is now surviving on PF handouts through such programs.

    As regards to what he said,southern is the mother of zambian politics,he must not take us for granted.without southern province there no opposition and if there no such then the democracy in zambia we are boasting about is null.At his time in 1973 they were moving into one state,so there was no choice at all.

    If all southerners were like him,the zambia would be one-part state.He must know that UPND is not planning for southern province alone but the whole zambia.

    When UPND goes into government,He will see what kind of zambia will be.He must not worry about himself,we all know his problems, and we shall look after him.Even withiot him praising us, we have a plan for all freedom fighters all over zambia.Not Munkombwe alone.We also know those who left us from North to south and East to west.We wont let our fathers and mothers who fought for this freedom we are enjoying suffer.

    We are calling all democracy lovers to encourage UPND MPs all over zambia to protect democracy in the country by opposing to what is not good.

    We are calling all zambians in all the ten (10)provinces to join UPND.Don`t jugde the book by its cover open it and read it.

    One zambia one nation HH only.