Hichilemas: inspirational love and marriage

Hichilemas: inspirational love and marriage

It is not only the Hichilemas’ business acumen that inspires many people but their marriage as well.

Their relationship expresses in a unique way the strong bond of love many couples would like to have in their marriages.

They are a couple that makes many people realise that marriage is indeed a sign or symbol through which divine life and love are communicated.

Their closeness speaks volumes that love is present in their marriage and also flows through them to their family and indeed to society.

Their permanent, faithful and exclusive giving to each other is what many married couples long to experience from each other.

Of course marriage has ups and downs, but the Hichilemas make us believe that it is possible to give to and receive from each other love, overcome marriage challenges, and excel in life.

Their marriage is illustrative of a couple that is cooperating with God’s grace in their life helping them to live and act with love towards each other.

And indeed their marriage shows that a loving and lasting marriage is both desirable and possible, an inspiration we need as a nation.
They are already a model of the father and mother of the nation.

Sara Imutowana Yeta II

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