Hichilema’s mother says he is fearless

Hichilema’s  mother says he is fearless

AUGUST 24, 2021

The Mother of President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, ELIZABETH MULOMBA has described her son as a fearless person who has always been determined and destined for greatness.

Mrs. MULOMBA says she is proud of the achievements of President HICHILEMA.

She says President HICHILEMA has always worked hard throughout his political journey despite the difficulties faced.

Mrs. MULOMBA says The President’s persistence has motivated Zambians and built confidence in him to lead the country.

She was speaking at the residence of President HICHILEMA shortly before his departure for the National Heroes Stadium were the Inauguration ceremony took place.

Meanwhile, the First Lady’s mother ESNART CHIBULO noted that President HICHILEMA has a huge task of taking the country to greater heights.

Mrs. CHIBULO said the family will keep praying for President HICHILEMA and his government so that they deliver on their campaign promises to the people of Zambia.

She has since prayed for Zambians that voted for President HICHILEMA as well as those that participated in the electoral process.

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