High Court blocks PF’s ZRA from closing Post Newspaper

The Lusaka High Court this afternoon ruled that the Post Newspaper should continue to operate and ordered ZRA to give the paper three months to pay its taxes.

State House instructed the Zambia Revenue Authority to close the Post for delaying to pay tax. ZRA and police officers working like the robots they are went to the Post newspaper last Friday to try and shut the newspaper but failed after being reminded that some of the money they were flashing had already been paid. The Post went to court to restrain ZRA from closing it.

High Court Judge Mwinde Siavwapa agreed with the Post saying denying them the order  granted the order would to lead to the closure of the paper.

Judge Siavwapa ruled that the Post Newspaper should remain duty bound to continue to paying its tax obligation s for as long as it remains a going concern.

The court also ordered the Post to make itself current on its tax obligations with ZRA.

Last Friday, the ZRA, in the company of armed police, made several attempts to close down The Post under instructions claiming payment of K16.9 million as penalties and accrued VAT and PAYE, an amount which has been disputed by the newspaper.

All the Post now needs to do is appeal to the Supreme Court to ask for more time to pay the fees.

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