High Court did not throw out UPND’s applica9

PF, what does the term ‘Throw-out’ mean?


In my own understanding, when a petition or application is thrown out, it means NO MORE hearing on that matter…


What has happened to the UPND application in the High Court today Wednesday 7th September 2016, is not supposed to be regarded as a “Thrown-Out” application as reported by the PF-ZNBC and other PF inclined media houses…


What the high court wants is to hear the application from all parties involved (Interparte hearing) NOT only from the UPND (Exparte hearing), hence setting tomorrow Thursday 7th September 2016 (08:00hrs) as the day for the hearing (Interparte Hearing) of the same application the PF-Dull-Thugs are busy Celebrating all-over Lusaka Town that it has been thrown-out….

DULLNESS from Edgar down to Chilufya Tayali!


Therefore, INTERPARTE is plural whilst EXPARTE is singular…


Please stop misleading the innocent Uneducated Zambians who you deliberately do not want to offer Free Education for Fear and Jealous that they will be better and more intelligent than you are YOU dull PF thugs!!!…..


I am sure I Bruce B Bwalya has educated the entire PF-ZNBC Pact on this issue.



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