High court gives Abdoulaye Ndiaye’ Gonnausi’ wife bail

High court gives Abdoulaye Ndiaye’ Gonnausi’ wife bail


The Lusaka High Court has given bail to a Zambian woman who was incarcerated by Magistrate Willie Banda for allegedly possessing more than one passport without authority.

Rosemary Mwasakandu is the former wife of Kitwe based Senegalese businessman Abdoulaye Ndiaye commonly known as “Gounassi”

Rosemary Mwasakandu has been staying with Gounassi in their various houses in Senegal, Canada and Zambia.

The two got divorced a few months ago and the Canadian High Court granted  Mwansakandu a $40 million divorce settlement.

But Gounassi immediately swung into action by selling most of their properties and transferring others to different names to deny his wife of 30-year any benefit.

Mwansakandu decided to travel to Zambia to enforce the judgement by having it registered in the Ndola High Court.

Gounassi bribed the Zambian immigration officials who at his orders deported people who tried to help Mwansakandu.

When the day to hear the registration of the Canadian judgement at the Ndola High Court, the Zambian immigration who went with Gounassi to court pounced on Mwansakandu and detained her. They drove her at night to Lusaka and detained first at immigration  officers before they took her to court .

At the court, Magistrate Willie Banda denied her bail saying she can run away because she has many passports.

But Mwansakandu’s lawyers appealed to the High Court and when the matter came up today (Wednesday) morning, she was given a K15 million cash bail.

She is expected to pay the money and go home this afternoon.

The matter for the divorce settlement which Gounnasi had paid immigration official to lock up the mother of his children comes up on November 18, 2012.

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