High Court grants permission to commit Ventriglia family for contempt of court

The High court has granted Finsbury Investments permission to begin the process of jailing the Ventriglia family for contempt of court.

The court has given permission to Finsbury lawyers JohScreen Shot 2015-04-09 at 18.47.23 Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 18.46.12n Sangwa & Simeza to commence proceedings aimed at sending to prison Claudio Ventriglia, Daniele Ventriglia and Valerio Ventriglia and their father.
Finsbury Investments complains that the Ventriliglia family disregarded a duly issued High Court injunction and took illegal control and management of Zambezi Portland Cement (ZPC). Finsbury owns 58 per cent of Zambezi Portland and is therefore entitled to control and manage the company. But the Ventriliglia family, who own only 42 per cent are using corruption and political connections to ‘steal’ the company from legitimate owners.

The Ventrilglia family were deported to Italy in 2012 by then Minister of Home Affairs Edgar Lungu.
Lungu deported the Mafia family for ill-treating workers at the cement plant after branding them a danger to good order and peace in the country.

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