High Court grants visiting rights to 12 youths ‘abducted’ by police

High Court Judge Chitabo has granted visiting rights for the 12 youths who were abducted by police in Livingstone and moved to Lusaka where they have been held at various police stations before being moved to Lilayi Police Training College holding cell.

The youths who have been held without charge for almost a month applied for a Habeas corpus to compel the police explain the charge to them.

Represented by Counsel Martha Mushipe, the youths have been given applied reliefs to water, food and medical services.

The detained youths were initially denied visitation rights by police at Lilayi Police training college holding cell.

Judge Chitabo has set Tuesday August 8th 2017 as the date for the hearing of the Habeas Corpus application.
After City Market was gutted by fire

Police IG Kanganja

the police said they had arrested 11 suspects and later said the number had increased to 12.

The suspects remain detained at Lilayi cells.
Full list of the detainees:

1. David Ndumba
2. James Hambulo
3. Jayata Chihinga
4 .Mainza Choongo
5. Levy Matome
6 .Wanda Nakazuka
7. Mulyata
8. Big Mubambe.
9. Froyd Choongo
10. Chileshe Mulenga
11. Amon Mweembe
12. Paul Siambala

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