High Court says candidates without grade 12 but tertiary qualifications eligible to stand

More signs that the newly signed constitution that cost K4.8m tax payers’ money was signed without fully understanding it even by the one signing.

The High Court today ruled that when a candidate possesses tertiary qualification but does not have a G12 Certificate or its equivalent, he/she is eligible to stand.

Judge Dominic Sichinga issued the judgment this afternoon in the case in which Sibongile Zulu sued the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the government through the Attorney General.

Ms Zulu told the court that she does not posses a grade 12 certificate but holds a diploma issued by the Chartered Institute of Supply and Purchasing.

Judge Sichinga also said in the context of Zambia, education is still a preserve of people with the means to educate their children. He said as such a person may have undertaken to pursue vocational route on account of having no other prospects but would have developed the necessary cognitive skills through apprenticeship.

But the PF might take this matter to the constitutional court which is composed of PF cadres like Mungeni Mulenga, a disgrace to the judiciary.

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