High court tosses out Sata’s injunction bid

sata1Lusaka High Court judge Evans Hamaundu has refused to grant Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata an injunction to restrain former secretary general Edward Mumbi from issuing defamatory statements against him.
This is in the matter where Sata has sued Mumbi for defamatory statements alleging that he had stolen lots of donor money at public meetings.
And Mumbi was quoted by Radio Phoenix after the ruling that he was now ready for the main trial of defamation.
He said he was ready for Sata ‘seriously.’

Last week lawyers for both parties  presented their various arguments during the inter-parte hearing in chambers.

But Judge Hamaundu said in his ruling today that granting the sought injunction will be denyning Mumbi his right to freedom of expression.

According to the statement of claim, Mumbi alleged that Sata had stolen a lot of money from donors and thus called on the donors to audit the PF’s accounting books so that Sata could be prosecuted.

In this matter, Sata wanted the court to restrain Mumbi from issuing any statements, allegations or insinuations against him and is seeking damages for defamation and embarrassment caused in the eyes of reasonable or right thinking members of society and aggravated or punitive damages for stigma, doubts or suspicions caused in the minds of right-thinking members of society.

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