Hired PF thugs lock-up MMD offices

PF hired and sponsored MMD thugs this morning locked-up offices for the MMD secretariat with a view to block Nevers Mumba and his team, especially Muhabi Lungu who was elected as new party National Secretary.

The PF and MMD thugs, wearing MMD rigalia supplied by former National Secretary Richard Kachingwe, closed the MMD offices claiming that yesterday’s National Executive meeting that elected Muhabi Lungu as new National Secretary, was illegal because some compromised PF judge gave the traitors an injunction despite being a Sunday.

MMD president Nevers Mumba and his team disregarded the so called injunction and went ahead with the meeting and also resolved to suspend and eventually expel traitors such as Dora Siliya, Michael Kaingu, Dr. Brian Chituwo, and Lucky Mulusa.

Apparently, the hired PF thugs in MMD regalia managed to book a number of buses from Kulima Tower and drove right in front of Lusaka Province Police headquaters but the police did nothing to stop them even when they had no permit.

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