Hired PF thugs storm State House demanding speedy Lubinda removal

The Winter Kabimba hired PF thugs this morning matched to their fellow thug at State House demanding for the speedy expulsion of Foreign Affairs Minister who is also Kabwata MP, Given Lubinda.

The paid thugs who matched without a police permit were led by Kabwata PF constituency chairman David Silubanji to their fellow thug Michael Sata currently occupying State House, accused the PF leadership of being too slow in expelling Mr. Lubinda who they accuse of being a traitor in the country.

Mr. Silubanji alleged that Mr. Lubinda is not popular in Kabwata constituency except for Mahopo compound where he has been buying Chibuku for cadres.

He insisted that even the people who welcomed Lubinda at the airport were not PF cadres but UPND members as the PF has no history of welcoming ministers.

But sources have said Mr. Lubinda is being expelled for many reasons including paving way for Sata’s dog selling son Mulenga Sata to contest the Kabwata seat.

Mr. Lubinda is also being expelled to create a full cabinet position for former MMD Mpongwe MP Gabriel Namulambe who recently joined PF for fear of being prosecuted for corruption cases he is facing.

Information has also emerged that Mr. Lubinda has been opposed to sending illiterate PF cadres in the foreign service such as Silvia Masebo and Winter Kabimba’s son as diplomats.

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