Hired thugs abduct and beat up journalism lecturer Hamasaka

Hired thugs abduct and beat up journalism lecturer Hamasaka

Thugs hired by State House yesterday evening attacked and abducted former Evelyn Hone College journalism lecturer Clayson Hamasaka.

Using their car, the thugs intercepted and blocked Hamasaka at the traffic lights along Shantumbu road in Woodlands area. After blocking his car, they forced themselves into his vehicle, put a pistol to his head and ordered him to move to the back seat. The five thugs then drove around Lusaka while asking him what he does for a living before they parked the car somewhere in Chinika area. The others thugs were following in their car.

Hamasaka was in 2013 arrested with other journalists on trumped up charges but for their suspected links to the Zambia Watchdog. He and other journalists were acquitted of the trumped up charges such as pornography, possession of military material they were charged with.

There is renewed anger at private media by the PF and attacks on journalists in private media will heighten as the elections draw closer.

When they parked the car, the thugs clobbered and knifed Hamasaka. The thugs then started debating among themselves whether to kill him or just beat him up and let him go. Others argued that killing him would be a bad idea, not because it was inhumane, but because they thought it would give PF a bad name. So they beat him, grabbed his phones and stole his money then left him in his car which he later drove home.


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