hired UNZA students to march to state house


MOMMA OF THE WEEK- 25 YEAR OLD LETICIA NYIRENDA 4th Year student in the School of Education, who resides at October Hostels.

Leticia Nyirenda, was last evening around 23:00hrs spotted being handed PF chitenge materials and Cash to the tune of K11,500 by outgoing Munali Member of Parliament, Prof. Nkandu Luo at October Car Park.

The materials and the money are meant for logistics during an operation UNZA-PF intends on implementing between now and next week in the name of UNZA Students. However, what is clear is that Cadre Nyirenda has gone behind the backs of losing candidate Alfred Lumano, Sengama and UNZA-PF Chair D’shawn, Losing UNZASU Candidate Kamona Lindunda, Rachel Pinalo (another duckling) to collect the money under the guise of Darkness to con her Branch colleagues. Leticia, a female villager from Lundazi who was detained for protesting against the PF in 2014, when she was UPND then, has been prostituting from one Party to another. She has realized that the Creator did not bestow her with not even the average beauty of a woman, she has resorted to Caderism, which is the only career for a hideous face! This evening she was seen with her Roomie in blue skinny Jeans with a Black T-shirt printed “Varsity Games”. Prof Nkandu Luo herself was accompanied by a Gentleman who just remained seated in a metallic silver Land Rover Discovery GRZ 4526. After a brief meeting with Villager Leticia, Nkandu Luo gave a heap of PF chitenges with T-shirts and later started counting the money for her, after which she kneeled and hugged Nkandu Luo’s feet. Meanwhile, GURU is having a hard time to convince the other Student Unionists that they endorse the PF Presidential Candidate. They are supposed to go to State House this week, but there is a bit of resistance from COBUSU. Please be on the lookout for Cadres like Villager Leticia Nyirenda who will go on National TV to endorse Politicians in the name of UNZA!!!!! Even if Students, especially females, are hungry, they should not show such desperation by giving away their virtues and parental values to politicians who will only use them for political masturbation, just to satisfy their hungry stomachs! Disclaimer: Story submitted by Rachel Pinalo (October Hostels) …………………UNZA IS NT FO SALE

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