Hiring health workers without paying them

Hiring health workers without paying them

Dear watchdog,

The news that Ministry of Health has employed another 1000+ health workers when they haven’t yet started paying the ones they hired in April-May, has not sat well with me. Around April-May, the government had employed a reported 3000 nurses when the President (According to Dr. Chilufya) asked that Ministry of Finance allocate money for the exercise. But up to now, the hired workers have not been put on payroll! For 4 months these workers have been starting off from home, going for work with no pay!

What do they use for transport? What are they eating at home? Imagine someone who has left their home to go and work at a remote health post where they know no one. How are they surviving? How effective can they be at work with the boiling frustration?

Sometimes let’s be sensitive and humane.

Why does the government hire workers when they have no plan of paying them? To win cheap political mirage after they make announcements?

But you are making these people suffer. And needless to say, everytime you are making these people suffer you are shooting yourself in the leg? Yes they can’t take you to court since they don’t have money, but time for voting will come and the frustration will speak!

Better to leave someone than give them false hope. Every pay day, these people pray and hope that their will be some good news so they can sort their problems but that good news is not coming. That is frustrating. It was even better when they were not hired for they had time to at least hustle. Even the small amounts they got working in Private Sectors was better.

Keep on frustrating your people. Even the Lord has a way of saying, Enough is enough.

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