History of Las Vegas City – Seen through review

Las Vegas

Around May 1905 Las Vegas was officially founded as a city, Las Vegas was instrumental in the creation of Nevada and Clark County in 1909 and then the city was incorporated in 1911 as part of the county. One of the first people to live was the native American who lived in the Las Vegas Valley and another surrounding area over 10,000 years ago.

Antonio Armijo was the first to establish the trade route to Los Angeles through the tributary of the Colorado River passing Las Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas name comes from a Spanish name called The Meadows which means fertile plains. An early gentleman by the name of William Bringhurst led a group of missionaries from the city of Utah to Las Vegas Valley where the missionaries built 150 square foot adobe building

By the 20th century, Las Vegas Valley started developing with running water and railroads for travelers between Los Angeles and California. The railroad was completed in 1905 which was a huge achievement for Senator William Andrews Clark as the majority stakeholder with the help from rich personalities such as Kearns and Keith. With the railroad, Las Vegas Valley was rapidly growing in development which leads to the 15th of May 1905 officially announcement of Las Vegas as a city

Las Vegas first casinos and Hoover Dam development

The dam was renamed after President Herbert Hoover in 1930, he signed the appropriation bill of the old Boulder Dam. The economy and market for large-scale entertainment started with mafia lords and local prominent businessmen developed the first casinos and showgirl theatres in the area. Noticing that gambling and other entertainment business will be profitable in the area, the Nevada state legislature legalized gambling in 1931, this is long before computers and the brick and mortar casino was the best online casino real money establishment of that era. The city issued the first legal gambling license in 1931 to the company called Northern Club

The way period

From 1941 up until 1945 US Army established a gunnery school for the United States Air Corps around Las Vegas City, the school later become Nellis Air Force Base which was later put out of business due to the high incidence of prostitution in Las Vegas.

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