Hiv test by force: dictatorship born of ignorance

Lingubi Selemuka writes

Very soon people will be told to use powder milk and not liquid milk as a law.

When dictatorship images out of ignorance it multiplies mediocrity…Now that there is no vision on PF, people’s personal lives are now under state control…A matter of medical concern would have taken a wide consultation to the public impact on stigma and discrimination…HIV/AIDS is not even the number one killer in the country.. Malaria and smoke inhalation are the number one killers which require solutions like rural electrification, sanitation and housing.

Knowing the HIV status of someone is a personal choice which goes with a lot of psychological concerns and impact.The questions to ask are; Is the confidentiality and privacy of patients going to be obeyed if court orders are not being obeyed? Does the government have money to supply and guarantee medication to all who will test positive? And what is the research proportion target to this policy, what is government trying to achieve and how will it benefit the people of Zambia.

The solutions to HIV spread rates are all embedded in the poor social economic deficits. Right now people have no jobs, people have no money for education at all levels and sports talents are not supported apart from football. The physically and mentally disabled are not supported. These issues can easily cushion financial and economic burdens which could allow families to improve their home economies, and in turn people will afford a good quality of life and the core cause of boredom and poverty levels to indulge in rampant HIV spreading activities, will drastically and permanently reduce.

It is sad to hear that a decision was debated in Cabinet by non health experts who have no idea even what people on the ground in the health practice industry have on record and fact finding!

Lastly but not the least. Have they acted in accordance with the WHO protocol on the VCT facility in the health charter?

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