HIV test kits run out

A group of society organisations has condemed the shortage of HIV test kits in the country.

The coalition which includes the Network of Zambian People living with HIV/ AIDS (NZP), the coalition of Zambian Women living with HIV /AIDS (COZWHA), the Treament Advocacy and Literacy Campaign ( TALC), the Zambia Network of Religions Leader living with or Personally Affected by HIV and AIDS (ZANARELA) and Healthcare Foundation Zambia said this in a press statement issued by Dionne Collet.

Collet said the group is dissapointed in how expired test kits where recently delivered to the facilities and about 500 000 test kits expired in the country’s medical store.

She warned that grave action will be taken if the issue at hand is not taken care of immediately.

She said the group has requested that government should ensure that essential drugs and materials move effeciently between the  Ministry of Health, Ministy of Community and Development and medical stores so they reach the beneficiaries on time.

” There is likely to be grave consquences to the nations HIV / AIDS response if this is not adressed soon,” she said.

Collet said they have called on government to make sure someone is held accountable in order to avoid lapses in the supply of HIV kits.

And TALC National Director Felix Mwansa said government must sort out the negligence and carelessness that is cirrently bringing the shortages of the HIV test kits in the country..

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