Home Affairs ministers illegally takes over giving working permits

Illiterate Home Affairs minister Davies Mwila has taken over issuance of work permits to expertriats from government committee that sits to approve the applications.
Mr Mwila, who last week stormed Kent Building, the immigration head office, has been getting the schedule of foreigners applying for work permits and approves who should be given a work permit before the committee comprising officers from ZP, DEC, the immigration department and office of the president special division.
“This committee sits every Tuesday and Thursday but from the time Mwila was appointed minister he has been getting the schedule without the accompanying files on individual applications and recommend to the committee,” the source at Kent Building disclosed.
And information has emerged that Mwila resigned from his position of defence deputy minister as he was not accepted by the military hierarchy because he cant not write.
He was frustrated because the military did not accept to be led by an illiterate and his request to president Sata fell on deaf ears and he ended up quitting the position, the source said.
“He is a lumpen that’s why he doesn’t follow protocol. Look at what he did at the Immigration department, he went there with journalists with cameras and went to the reception were he demanded that the chief immigration officer (CIO) follows him. The CIO was blasted in the presence of his juniors because of five people he found on the queue,” said the source.
The source explained that it was dangerous to have an illiterate as Home Affairs minister who does even know or understand the Immigration Act.
The source further said authorities at Kent Building are not happy with Mwila and have been pushing for a meeting with other top government officials to explain their predicament.

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