Home ministry justifies building 38 houses for $5 million

Home ministry justifies building 38 houses for $5 million


* We can tell Home Affairs minister Steven Kapyongo right here like we have told other thieves before that it’s just a matter of time.

* There is no way you can built 38 medium houses for $5 million. This is day light robbery

*Mr Kapyongo, enjoy it while it lasts mwana. But time is coming when you will account.

Here is a statement issued by his juniors:
(for Immediate Release)

The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to respond to the dismal understanding of its Housing Project in which the Government of the Republic of Zambia signed a contract in December, 2015, with AVIC International Holding Corporation to construct 2, 350 Housing Units. The houses are part of the 12, 000 housing units required for the Security Wings under its Ministry.

It has come to the attention of the ministry that some section of the media has published an article from unmentioned National Democratic Congress (NDC) official questioning the cost of the housing units. These are houses constructed for Zambia Police Service by AVIC International Holding Corporation Chibombo District and were recently commissioned by His Excellency, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia.

The Chibombo Housing Project compromise of 38 housing units built at a cost of about US $5 Million dollars. These were 28 Medium and 10 Low cost housing units.

From the calculations of the author, it is clear that his intention was to mislead the Zambian citizens and also bring the reputation of the Government of the Republic of Zambia into disrepute.

In the first place, it should be understood that the Housing Units built in Chibombo and other places across the country are not prefabricated structures as insinuated in the article. As signed in the contract of the project, all the Housing Units for the Security Wings under the Ministry of Home Affairs are built using approved and tested concrete blocks.

Secondly, the Housing Units are not of the same size as portrayed in the article. The Security Wings are disciplined institutions and their accommodation is varied in relation to seniority. Accordingly, Government is constructing High, Medium and Low cost housing units for superior, subordinate and non-commissioned officers.

The project also included external works which included the following:
(i) Reinforced concrete rigid pavement roads
(ii) External water reticulation system
(iii) Drilling and Equipping of Boreholes and Steel elevated panelled water tanks
(iv) Boundary fence
(v) Electrical transformer and associated works
(vi) Security light system
(vii) Security Guard Post

As highlighted above it must be understood that the cost of the 38 Housing Units in Chibombo was not only for the cost of the houses but also included the states external works.

It is hypocritical for the official from National Democratic Congress (NDC) to attack Government when it’s official has failed to finish construction projects awarded to the company despite having been paid in full. The workmanship for the constructed Police Station along the Great North Road is poor and incomparable to the buildings being constructed by AVIC International Holding Corporation. Energy unmentioned NDC official and any well-meaning individuals are free to get on site and compare the substandard structure constructed by the official and AVIC International Holding Corporation structures.

The Ministry of Home Affairs like all Government departments contracts out work through town transparent processes. It is therefore, unreasonable for the unmentioned official to cast its work in bad light.

The article by the NDC official is not only malicious but poorly schemed and a serious indictment on one’s lack of good judgement and morals. Members of the public are therefore, advised to disregard the article with the contempt it deserves.

Nephas Chifuta
Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Home Affairs.


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