Hon. Winter Kabimba’s statement in the post Newspaper of 27th October 2013

I believe that an honorable should be seen to be acting as one. Hon. Kabimba should be honorable enough and apologies to the people of Zambia for taking them for a ride. How can mr kabimba today say that President Sata should be given more time when it’s themselves who lied to the Zambian people that they just needed 90 days to do all the things they needed to do, eg. The Constitution to be enacted in 90 days
Jobs to be created in 90 days
Put more money in people’s pockets in 90 days
All the roads to be done in 90 days
Reduce the price of mealie meal which was at k35 then, but now it’s k68- k80 in some areas.
All these things were lies by the leadership of the PF, so that they just get to State House.
Let me now warn this PF Government. The youths of our great country will vote you out the way they voted you in. We demand for an apology from the PF Government for the lies they told us. Otherwise they should prepare themselves for an early exit from Government.
This Government has just lost it, for 2 years they will not be employing the youths (2014-2015). Who is going to employ the youths that will be graduating during these 2 years seeing they are no investors coming to invest in our country or indeed the private sector is not being provided with the environment that is conducive to invest in so that they can create employment for the young people. The retirement age is also a contributing factor for the youth not to be give an opportunity to work.
This Government has brought hunger to our country. Come 2016 we the youth now know what to do. We have experimented enough. We shall not experiment with leadership again. MMD is a tested party and leadership that made sure all the sector boomed through it’s good policies for the people of Zambia. We will go back to what we know. MMD.

Hon. Howard Kunda MP
National youth Chairman MMD

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