Hone students given bus, thanks to their rioting

Evelyn Hone college got what they wanted after 4 days of successful riots.

Ceremonial Vice president, Guy Scott, has given them the bus they were demanding and has promised that contractors for the other block of hostels will move on site on Monday.

In what seems to be uncoordinated plans, Education Minister John Phiri had earlier said the student demands could not be met as they were not budgeted for this year unless in next year’s budget.

But Scott told students representatives on friday afternoon that all their demand will be implemented this year.

The bus will be delivered on monday and contractors will also be on site same day.

Unza students recently rioted demanding for the re-opening of the institution.

This followed a strike by the lecturers.

The PF responded by giving lecturers K23billion not sure from which vote and whether the amounts will be released in same fashion every year.

It looks like to get what you want in Zambia now, take to the streets.

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