Hone students support mealie meal & fuel increase, UNZA students to pounce on Chanda

Hone students support mealie meal & fuel increase, UNZA students to pounce on Chanda

Compromised Evelyn Hone College students union leadership have praised the PF government for increasing fuel and mealie meal prices that have so far been roundly condemned by many organisations including church organisations.

But University of Zambia students who are among the organisations that have opposed the increment have today advised PF conman and thief Sunday Chanda masquerading under an Non-Governmental Individual called Open Society Foundation to brace himself for a bitter fight.

Evelyn Hone College students union president who is also PF students Chairperson Inambao Sitwala issued the statement together with Lusaka District PF Youth Chairperson Kenneth Sikamba supporting the increment that will see meali meal prices rise beyond the level of the poor majority.

The two PF cadres said removal of subsidies for both fuel and maize was long overdue as government needed more money for development.

But their counterparts at UNZA who have strongly condemned the increments, said they are angered by conman Chanda’s remarks that they were sponsored by the opposition UPND to demonstrate.

The physically charged students said they will pounce and give Chanda a lesson wherever they will meet him.

They added that unlike him, they are not on salaries but intellectuals speaking for the poor people of Zambia, and that they actions were driven by the sufferings of the ordinary people and not their tummies.

The move by the PF government to increase fuel and mealie meal has so far received wide condemnations from various sectors of society who feel the government was merely wasting money on by-elections and maintaining a huge cabinet comprising about 80 ministers with each one entitled to not less than two vehicles and allowances.


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