Honeybee pharmaceutical licence cancelled

Honeybee pharmaceutical licence cancelled

Government has suspended the pharmaceutical licence for Honeybee Pharmacy following the recall of 30 products supplied by the company.

Honeybee Lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has since frantically applied to the Lusaka High Court to prevent ZAMRA from revoking the licence.

Honeybee Pharmaceuticals has been in the news for supplying defective products including leaking condoms and drugs and ineffective and expired medicines.

On Monday ZAMRA announced that it had further recalled 19 products supplied by Honeybee Pharmaceuticals to the Ministry of Health.

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    Zambian 1 week ago

    We need some neutral person to help us dig the truth about Honeybee.
    Too many contradictions. It seems like someone is hellbent on bringing down Honeybee.
    Revelations of the faking of lab results to demonise honeybee are also hair raising.

    When have we seen parliament act on the annual report from the Auditor Generals office within days of year end.

    During the PAC meeting the UPND member of Parliament was firering off like the pharmacist, a doctor and a procurement officer. With fresh and relevant information every few minutes conveniently fed to him as he was only attending virtually.
    Former PSZ president Jerome Kanyikas story indicates that it is the previous suppliers who are orchestrating all this to eliminate competition and give them the monopoly they had till they decided to stop supplying.

    Off course some items may need to be recalled and all that but the is not unusual. It happens worldwide. Even in the USA.

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    I don’t believe it. This is too little too late. They hv even changed their name.

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    Likulu 1 week ago

    That’s the end of good governance, honeybee has refuted all claims as they are challenging the authorities to go to an independent lab , now zamra to save face they have revoked license , wow wow zamra was instructed by the minister whose on that sit for 2 months only , wow PF failed this and they have been dribbled , president lungu can’t see who are he’s supporters , the auditor genealogy and zabs and zamra and bokani soko have truly finished ecl

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      Mwijo 1 week ago

      I concur with you greatly on this one PF has been dribbled by there own they have managed to divide PF and the likes of bokani soko the fire tenders master mind and he’s cartel have once again brought ecl down by the help of auditor general 
      Bosi mwaumfwa bokani soko ali paya PF 
      Mr President zabs can not be doing this in the dark without the client and suppliers that’s the rule of the book 

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    Zambians next time Tutwa Ngulube speaks, remember he is on the size which if you died today owing to deliberate negligence of people who should have performed their duties but decided to go for money at the expense of your dear life, you are just a statistical number.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 1 week ago

    That’s better. Shut the wrongdoers down.