Honeybee sues medicine regulation authority

Honeybee sues medicine regulation authority


Honey Bee Pharmacy Limited has sued the Zambia Medicines and Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) in the Lusaka High Court for threatening to revoke the company’s license over alleged distribution of defective medical products.

The plaintiff through their lawyer Tutwa Ngulube states that in November 2019 the plaintiff tendered a bid and won to supply 22,500 Health Centre Kits to the Ministry of Health and this was executed.

Mr. Ngulube says on 17th September 2020 ZAMRA began issuing threats and disparaging remarks to Honey Bee as having supplied defective products disregarding the certificate of fitness issued by the procuring authority.

Mr. Ngulube says the action by ZAMRA was unreasonable because it went against the provisions of the contract and the fact that the defendant was not party to the said contract.

He says the purported laboratory results that the defendant is relying on were obtained from a laboratory that is not accredited with the world health organization contrary to the provisions of the contract.

The plaintiff is seeking for an order of interim of injunction restraining the defendants from revoking Honey Bee’s license because it will falsely and unjustly cause harm to the company’s reputation and its commercial wellbeing.

The plaintiffs also want an order for the matter to be referred to arbitration as per provisions of the contract governing the relationship between Honey Bee and the p

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