Honouring of murderers thief by PF angers citizens

Honouring of murderers thief by PF angers citizens

By Yona Musukwa

In the last few days, I have come to learn that many Zambians are angry but silent. Their anger, their pain, their struggles, don’t find expression in the main stream media.

Since Thursday, I have been recieving and exchanging SMSes, WhatsApp and Messenger messages from outraged friends, strangers and victims, hurt by the decision to honour the infamous dead leader of a gang. Many have been recalling with pain and furry the terror that the honoured youth inflicted on their friends and relatives. Many have denounced the decision, describing it as totally disgusting, insensitive and insulting to the nation and to all those who witnessed and fell victim to Youngson’s terror!

In honouring Youngson, Kitwe DC Binwell Mpundu and his friends did not act in public interest. They acted in personal interests due to the fact that Jerabos are financing a lot of their political activities and and a lot of thug manpower is at their disposal, to be used whenever the necessary.

This decision should be rescinded and the people responsible for this diabolical and disgusting national honouring of a thug should publicly apologize to the nation, and above all to his victims.

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