Hope you got the message from been booed, Bishop Mambo tells Lungu

BISHOP John Mambo of Chikondi Foundation says President Edgar Lungu heard the message for himself very loud and clear from the soccer fans that things are bad on the ground. In an interview, Bishop Mambo said the insults that soccer fans and Lusaka residents hurled at Lungu during the soccer match between Zambia and Gabon on Tuesday was an indication that people were fed up with the PF government. The National Heroes Stadium was twice plunged into total darkness as President Lungu watched the game.

The Head of State arrived at Heroes Stadium minutes before the start of the game and proceeded to greet players before taking his seat. Eight minutes into the game, power went out, leaving the entire stadium in total blackout for about six minutes. Fans chanted anti-PF slogans and used abusive language to register their displeasure with the Head of State. “Substitute PF! Substitute Edgar! Ayende! We want Change! Zesco upuba!”  See the Boeing here the fans shouted as President Lungu tried to downplay the embarrassing episode under the cover of darkness.   After power was restored to parts of the stadium, the game continued but power went out again minutes into the game and agitated fans started cursing and booing President Lungu, gesturing and chanting, “We want change!” President Lungu then stood up motioning back to the soccer fans the change sign as the fans continued denouncing him.  Commenting on the matter, Bishop Mambo said people were fed up with President Lungu and his administration for plunging the country in a “deep, black hole”. “When we spoke on behalf of the people, they said we were just trumpeting but last night (Tuesday) President Lungu heard it for himself, the message was loud and clear and the beautiful thing was that he was present at the stadium to hear Zambians complain that he has failed them,” said Bishop Mambo. “People are saying enough, is enough. They have toiled for too long. The energy sector is a mess, the economy is a mess, the education sector is a mess. People are fed up and this time his advisors do not have to report back to him because he has heard it for himself that he is a disaster.” –

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