Hospitals run out of HIV infant drug Nevirapine syrup

Most government hospitals and health centers have run out of the vital Nevirapine syrup, a drug used to prevent the mother to child transmission of HIV to newly born babies but as usual health deputy minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya claims that the drug is available at medical stores.

The exposure came to light when Dr. Chilufya visited Namwala district hospital where the drug has been in short supply for over a month now.

Instead of addressing the matter with seriousness it deserves, Dr. Chilufya went about politicking and put the blame on the hospital authorities for not ordering the drug but watchdog investigations reveal that the hospital had requested for the drug over two months ago.

For the time the PF has been in government, they have failed to address HIV drugs stocking leading to rationing from the original 3 months to monthly or fortnightly. The rationing decision has raised problems among some patients especially those in rural and far flung areas who have to travel long distances to come for restocking at a high transport cost.

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