Hot Fm owner says there are no problems in Zambia

Hot Fm owner says there are no problems in Zambia

Hot FM owner Oscar Chavula sees nothing wrong in Zambia today. Says Edgar Lungu is a saint, anyone who doesn’t agree with PF is spreading falsehoods. And Tilyenji Mwanza agrees, but then, it is TIlyenji.

A few years back, Chavula stole radio equipment, but that is for later

Hmmm. Kaiser Zulu should give this guy a job


*By Oscar Chavula*

Do not consider myself passive, timid dejected or indifferent to my surroundings. I choose not to be a bootlicker and I have never been institutionalised in my thinking or actions.

I am able to speak my mind or share my view whenever necessary directly or indirectly without fear. I have done this for years and I have allowed people who work for us to be both fearless and truthful.
So to seat and watch confusion on Aljazeera #AJstream last evening and hear People peddle falsehoods was a low blow. I asked myself a simple question. Do these people live in the same country that I live in?
The truth is we do not have a perfect democracy and no country has it. Our politicians from both sides of the divide are many at times annoying and at best childish. But Zambia is not degenerating into anything because you do not agree with an opinion.
For years I have superintendent over the most difficult and fearless breakfast shows in the country. I have run ins with ministers and their surrogates endlessly. I have been threatened and trailed by the previous regimes including MCS’ s one. Ours is a growing democracy with abounding issues requiring attention and fervance.
To me the only difference between this regime and the past ones is simple to see if your glasses are not tainted with prejudice, malice and tribalism. The truth is ECL does not interfere with the law and neither does he push his weight when the issues are in court. He won’t call the IG, nor the Chief justice to get you off the hook.
We are so used to having rogue presidents and misguided handlers who are not restrained in their behaviour we want that to happen almost automatically when there is an issue. For once can we be above corruption and cronyism!
To create an impression that we are degenerating into a failed state or a semblance of that type of misgovernance is completely untrue and must be described ad hollow scaremongering.
As commentators and bloggers they probably have nothing to lose and can get away with such carelessness, but to many of us, Zambia is our home and a business place so to propagate any of such ridiculous notions is plainly dangerous.

*Adopted by Tilyenji Mwanza*

_I was thinking of doing my own write up but the above sentiments sum up most of my thoughts thus I adopt and support this analysis_

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