House of chiefs challenged to defend Chitimukulu

Dear Editor,

Being a member of the Bena Ngona clan, the rightful ascendants to Chief Chibesakunda throne of the Bisa people of Chinsali in Muchinga province, I feel duty bound to add my voice in condemning the Government’s interference in the already concluded succession of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11.

As Bena Ngona and the Bisas clan in general, we can only sympathize with our brothers and sisters – Abena Ngandu and Bashilubemba for this agonizing and annoying period that they are passing through.

It is however gratifying to note and acknowledge the sympathy and solidarity that all well meaning cross section of Zambians society have continued giving to the Mwinelubemba; ordinary Zambians, Political parties, Churches, NGO’s, some genuine trade unions etc have all condemned this unwarranted and unacceptable interference in the succession process of the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Chikondi foundation president Bishop John Mambo correctly referred to this as “disgraceful and heartbreaking” for a Paramount chief to be consigned to a grass thatched house( Daily nation February, 12 2014)

We all remember how one principled and honorable minister, Hon Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba sacrificed his ministerial position in order to defend the Bemba customs and traditions and more so to show respect to our ancestors whose blood was given to Henry kanyanta Sosala to qualify to be in the Chitimukulu lineage. We have also seen how other Ministers, with weak souls, have remained silent fearing for their jobs and are hiding in the irresponsible collective responsibility policy, a policy they little understand about as long as they keep their jobs. In the name of collective responsibility, these ministers are prepared to walk along Cairo road naked, because the presidents has ordered them to do so. If asked to choose between Ministerial position or their blood children being slaughtered, they would choose the Government positions. To GBM, I salute you, your blood is genuinely in the royal family.

But where is the House of chiefs in all this saga. Surely and honestly how can any honorable institution, which was created to advise Government on issues of customs and traditions elect to remain silent over this scandal? If the House of Chiefs cannot tell the president not to over step his boundaries and leave issues of tradition to the royal establishments, then what is it that is preoccupying them in that house. It was reported ( Daily nation February, 10 2014) that when the Chairperson of House of chiefs, Senior Chieftainess Nkomenshya was asked to comment on the Chitimukulu succession standoff and the squalor living conditions the Paramount chief was being subjected to, she refused to comment saying ‘’ I cannot comment on this matter, I first need to make my own follow-ups. I will comment later’’ she was reported to have replied. What follow up on a straight forward issue like this madam Chairperson?

All I  can say is thank you Chairperson, we are still waiting for your ‘latter’ which may come after you also find yourself in the same situation, by the way your Royal highness, do you still remember RB? You were almost gone and your toothless House of chiefs was silent when threats of dethroning you were very active.

And you, Honorable members of the House of chiefs, your Royal Highnesses, why have you decided to abdicate your Royal authorities? Today it is Chitimukulu tomorrow it will be you, you can’t see this? What has blinded you?

We still remember that embarrassing episode in the House of chiefs when the republican president rebuked and  ‘dressed down’ Chief Jumbe – all the way up to his bedroom. Yes His Royal Highness Chief Jumbe was told off for rightly condemning Mpezeni’s growing appetite for political patronage. And we all remember that this embarrassing dress down was not done at State house but right inside the honorable House of Chiefs. I watched in astonishment as some chiefs seemed to have been enjoying the drama and some were even seen giggling like some naughty kids caught stealing cookies.

As a member of Abena Ngona, I know the House of chiefs very well because they abandoned us when we were fighting the Children and Grand Children of our late Chief Chibesakunda Chikuni for the succession to our rightful throne of Chief Chibesakunda. Because of their many contacts and  connections, they have succeeded in imposing on us Bob Bwembya Luo as Chief Chibesakunda. Bob is a grandson to the late Chief Chibesakunda Chikuni  and he is NOT eligible to ascend to the throne of Chief Chibesakunda, according to the Bisas matrilineal succession order. But to us this is a temporal set back until the change of Government, we will install the rightful Chibesakunda. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE.

So to you our brothers Bashilubemba, please be assured that as members of Bena Ngona and the Bisas in general, we are with you throughout this temporal set back that you are enduring. May God abundantly bless His Royal Highness, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11.


Great, Great grandson of

Samba Musweshi – Chief Chibesakunda 2



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