How can govt fail to pay workers’ salaries after feting cadres-UPND

United Party for National Development (UPND) Chairperson for Information Charles Kakoma has charged that the outgoing PF governments’ failure to pay salaries for civil servants is demotivating and unacceptable.
Kakoma has wondered why the government is failing to pay salaries for civil servants yet they had money to transport cadres to Heroes Stadium.
‘The government must pay its workers now, People are understandably asking how can there be money for Heroes Stadium when there is no money for the salaries of government workers?’ Kakoma said.
He said the PF ‘s poor management has once again been exposed as they were failing to pay a few workers on time adding that the workers must be paid without delay because they have families to look after and school fees to pay and various other obligations.
Kakoma pointed out that the UPND has been talking about its plan for creation of jobs but one important point to be made was that there was need for good employers who pay their workers on time and take care of them and further stressed that government must set a standard in that respect.
Civil servants are yet to be paid their salaries for the month of May and the Ministry of Finance has ‘apologised’ for the inconvenience caused by the delay just a week after spending thousands of Kwachas on transport and beer for cadres who were transported to Heroes Stadium to listen to the PF’s new manifesto which President Lungu failed to present claiming it was still being printed.

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