How can Lungu carry followers to Italy when economy is bleeding ?


Our President spent millions of Kwacha just to travel to Italy & shake hands with the Pop when our economy is so bad that we are struggling to pay civil servants in good time, Students keep graduating but there are no Jobs, We have shortages of medicine in our hospitals including panaldo, we have 8 hours of loadsheding every day, we have accumulated a huge debt which we have to pay back before Zambia is seized by foreigners, there is no money to pay students at CBU & UNZA as meal allowances, it will be hell to find money for a possible re-run of presidential elections this year with this so called 50+1, prices of comodities have gone up by more than 100% such that people are failing to afford 3 meals a day, etc.
People lets come together & fight this visionless Government. If we don’t unite, there will be hunger in this Nation & our brothers & sisters will die.
Lets just admit that PF is the worst Government we have ever had & do the right thing as we vote on 11th August. If we make a mistake & vote for PF this year, we will have another 5 years to suffer in our own country. Those electricity tarrifs they imposed on us which increased by 300% will be reversed after they win the elections & the cost of doing business will be so high that some businesses will close & more people lose jobs. When we try to complain about the tariffs by then, they will just tell us to go & urinate in Kariba dam so that we stop importing power because we would have voted already & can’t unvote them untile another 5 years.
Those roads & universities they are boasting to build are useless in the sense that, they are poorly built using borrowed money & there are no jobs for those who are graduating. The roads they have built are so poor such that their lifespan is less than 10 years but it will take more than 20 years to repay the debt. If you look at most of the roads they have built here on the Copperbelt, porthos have formed here & there so what will become of them 5 years from now?
Lets be serious people, its high time we emulated whites & behave like people with a vision. Whites have developed faster than us Africans because they don’t give second chances to failures.
During MMD we had no roads but Jobs were there & civil servants were paid in good time. What use is having a good road when you have not eaten?
This year we need to change Government so lets come together & make sure that this Government called PF which has proven to be nothing but a vicious animal, lose the elections terribly.
After PF loses elections this year, I am applealing to whoever will win the elections from the opposition to sentence the entire PF Cabinet to death by hanging. & please make sure that there is a live broadcast of their hanging on ZNBC so that we all watch them pay for killing our economy.

M. Kunda a.k.a akapondopwiti

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