What happened to cheap meallie from China Lungu promised?

Dear Editor,

I am shocked that the price of meallie meal has gone up once again and in some areas of the country, one bag is now costing K120 or K120, 000 old currency.

I thought the PF and president Edgar Lungu in particular said he has bought machinery from China to start producing cheap meallie meal? What happened, was the president lying just the PF has been doing all this time? I remember very well when Lungu was in China, he said the prices of meallie meal would reduce immediately he returned from China. That was late March.

The Times of Zambia reported this on April 2:

President Edgar Lungu has said that he has no doubt that the prices of mealie meal will reduce following China’s agreement to set up milling companies in all the 10 provinces.

He says he promised to reduce the price of mealie meal in his campaigns prior to the January 20th Presidential elections.

President Lungu said that Zambia produces a lot of maize and that there is no reason why the price of mealie meal should be high.

He said that it is for this reason that he visited China to seek assistance on setting up milling companies.

President Edgar Lungu has assured Zambians living in Diaspora of Government’s commitment to helping address the various challenges affecting their welfare abroad.

Mr Lungu said this when he addressed the Zambian Community living in China during a dinner held here at Kempinski Hotel.




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