How come all political arrests are done by same policemen?

How come all political arrests are done by same policemen?

Superident Arthur  Shonga, Assistant Superident Albert Chiluwa, Mbita Mpanzi and Martin Musambachine. You may be surprised why we have listed these names. These names will always appear whenever any politician from the opposition is arrested.


Obvious Mwaliteta and his co-accused have today been acquitted. The arresting officer was Arthur Shonga. When Geoffrey Mwamba was arrested it was the same names. When Hakainde Hichilema was arrested brutally at his house it is the same people. These people report to Assistant Commissioner of Police Patson Mkomongo who reports to the The Director of CID a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Another Officer is Albert Chiluwa an Assistant Superident. High Court Judge Mwape Bowa when acquitting Mwaliteta and his co-accused said the arresting officer did not investigate the case. The arresting officer was Arthur Shonga. When acquitting HH on charge of insulting, Magistrate Greenwell Malumani said the officers did not investigate. The officers were the same names above.

The Question then is why only these people when the Police Service has hundreds of officers? Arthur  Shonga is not supposed to be a Superident in the Police. He joined the Police as a driver. The Same is true for  Musambachime and others.

Our  source however tells us why these people are the ones being used. They know a lot about Home Affairs Steven Kapyongo and  his role in the death of Reeves Malambo. They know that Kampyongo had a hand in the death of Reeves Malambo. When they approached Kampyongo over the issue, he told them to keep quite. He promised them promotions and good life. This is why they are the only ones dealing with political arrests. Even Saviour Chishimba who is detained at Woodlands since Thursday last week it is the same team. They are not Police Officers they are accomplices to murder. They are criminals. We will soon publish all their pictures here.

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