How come only Lozis, Bembas and Tongas are heard in tribalism talk?

Dear Editor, It will be highly appreciated if my article is published.

It is so common that time and time we read articles in our newspapers about tribalism. More interesting is always among the three tribes Bembas, Tongas and Lozis pointing at each other that that one is more tribal than the other. Imagine my fellow readers out of 72 tribes it sound as if there are the only Zambians we have. However have we ever stopped and reflect what goes on in the minds those who are not among the three tribes? In the spirit of One Zambia and One Nationother tribes accepted to use other languages in schools and on national radio. It was really a sacrifice remember that any language not taught and spoken dies.

Out of 72 tribes only seven languages where chosen to be taught and used on national radios that is Bemba, Chewa, Tonga, Luanda, Luvale and lozi. If we observe well will see that each language chosen in each province was imposed by one language and only north-western has two but was not an easily one had to fight over it. Although some argued that other languages where similar to the one chosen is not valid argument in all circumstances. For example was lunda spoken luapula similar to the bemba which was imposed? Or is tumbuka in Miyobe similar to Bemba? Is namwanga and Mambwe similar to Bemba? Is chokwe similar to Luvale?

Right now we cannot do a good similarity because these languages have lost a lot that are so mixed up with the language which was imposed in the areas. My point aim not saying was bad idea but that was a great sacrifice to let go our languages now whoever spokes is identified and classified as one of that language spoken that every time we see musonda and mumba we straightforward conclude is a Bemba.

The other interesting we have classified politics in tribes where did it start from, why can’t we campaign on principals than on tribal. Right now there are lot of lies which has been spoken among the three tribes to proof the point that the other one is really tribal. Furthermore we will ever hear more during campaign times.

Mr Musonda J.

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