How come PF has more deputy ministers than what MMD had?


By Help M. Mulungush

I remember very well Rupiah Banda was blamed and people campaigned against him when he appointed two Permanent .Secretaries and two deputy ministers in only about two ministries.

Now let’s establish who is worse than the other by looking at the following so called deputy niggers occupying positions two or three of them in one ministry a style which themselves blamed when they were in opposition:

(1)Ministry of information: Folie tembo, Rayford Mbulu & Mwansa Kapeya.

(2) Local government & housing: Stephen Masumba, Esther Banda.

(3) Defence- Panji Kaunda, Joseph Lungu.

(4) Mines;  Richard Musukwa, Isaach Banda.

(5) Agriculture: Benson Kapaya, Nicolas Banda.

(6) Education; David Mabumba, Nevylen Wilombe.

(7) Works & Supply- Mutaba Mwali, Larban Mwenya Musenge.

(8) Community Development: Jean Kapata, Dorothy Kazonga.

(9) Lands: Charles Zulu, Elijah Muchima.

Plus the other nine deputies, the now eighteen full cabinet ministers and then some will someday come and start campaigning that when they came into power they hard to reduce the size of govt.

What kind of reduction is this? People lets open our eyes, ears and watch over these people.

Given Lubinda was not sleeping during the previous government criticizing the appointment of the two P.Ss..

Now he is quiet and sleeping.

It’s not only the issue of cabinet size on which we have been disappointed but a number of issues in just five months and it is for this reason that my parents would be stupid if I ever give my vote to PF in my entire life.

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