How come PF has no development plan for North-western?

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my sadness by the lack of a concise development agenda for North Western Province by the current PF Government.
Let me start by expressing my shock that only North Western Province had had there (3) Permanent Secretaries in a short period of 6 months after elections, from Dr. Shamulenge to Mr. Mushala and now, Mr. Seyuba, the incumbent. I believe all these changes are for political expedience or to appease some people and not development.
I don’t think differences in opinion between a Permanent Secretary and a District Commissioner, calls for transfers. In my opinion what Bert Mushala asked for, was not wrong and it was correct as Solwezi District sits the Provincial Administration.
Further, those who have followed these transfers would note that from the late President Dr. Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) to the current, His Excellency, Mr. Sata, North Western Province had had nine (9) Permanent Secretaries. Mr. Lumbama who is just past Permanent Secretary of Central Province has been the longest serving in North Western Province.
Some of these past PS’ had had a proper development agenda for the province in terms of improving/building infrastructure like the Kipushi, Kamapanda and Kambimba boarder posts, just to mention a few.
Due to these changes, the road sector has suffered the most as organizations like the Rural Roads Unit have not been able to grade feeder roads due to the non permanence of the controlling officers, as each one of them spends time out, familiarizing themselves, and by the time they want to settle to work, they are transferred.
The government should also know that changing a PS does not improve efficiency and real change and efficiency will only come if some of the operatives within Provincial Administration are transferred because they are the implement government programmes.
Secondly, the past government had plans to connect the entire province to the national grid and Zesco was ready to undertake this venture at a cost of US$ 180M.
These plans were advanced but alas, the current government says they have no money for such venture. What baffles my mind is whether connecting the entire province at this one cost is useless but to incur a recurrent cost of buying fuel every month at K250M (30,000Litres)/per district, which totals K 1.2 Billion per month and only realize a paltry K 21M as revenue on average per district coupled with other running costs for the Generator Sets like spares.
If the powers that be do not knows, workers in these areas suffer in the process of executing their duties in particularly those in the health sector.
Imagine delivering babies using candles or cell phone light.
It’s not only unethical but a serious risk to the worker conducting the delivery.
In conclusion, it will be interesting to hear the government’s side of the story, and maybe it is fixing those who never voted for the PF and will do even better to explain also why as a province we have been denied a a new district like Manyinga District, yet the province is immensely contributing to the national treasury through its natural resources.

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