How come some people can’t see dictatorship in Lungu?

How come some people can’t see dictatorship in Lungu?


It is extremely shocking and surprising how some people in the country have deliberately chosen not to see that Edgar Lungu is a full blown Dictator.

The beauty with truth is that it remains truth regardless of how one endeavors to twist it. Truth can not be altered. Truth cannot be sugarcoated. Truth is truth. It does not care about your opinion, perception or deception, it will remain truth!

Truth be told, Edgar Lungu is a dictator.

It will do us a lot of good if we, as a country, accepted this ugly fact and if all those in the Patriotic Front (PF) stopped sugarcoating the truth.

There came a time when Zimbabweans, Ugandans, Germans, etc accepted that Mugabe, Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, respectively were dictators. That, unfortunately is our time now.

There is no democratic leader who will go about arresting every citizen who opposes him, it is extremely trivial and primitive and that is why Julius Malema of the EFF Party in South Africa deemed it cowardice.

The arrest of yet another opposition leader on trivial issues only goes to show how rotten our democracy has become, and why others choose not to see this as dictatorship is just appalling.

Today our courts are overwhelmed with cases of either abducted or falsely accused opposition members who are answering to politically motivated trumped-up charges with a seemingly invincible hand at the centre of everything.

Our DPP can now even appeal acquitted cases in bizarre circumstances as opposed to the office working in public interest.

Our police officers have been reduced to jokers as they receive orders from any Jim and Jack belonging to the ruling party, and this does not spare the top brass of the Police “Service”; what a shame!

We are now faced with a Threatened State of Emergency evoked after much anticipation by the citizenry. It was known and well predicted by all sober thinking Zambians what their plans were.

…and to this day, City Market fire has gone silent with no report from the Police, just like it remains unknown who burnt down the German Parliament which saw Adolf Hitler declare a state of emergency in Germany.

Try say anything against Edgar Lungu and see how 3 to 4 Land cruisers will appear at your door step to arrest you, then on another day try calling them to tackle a robbery and see how they have no transport…so much for a democratic leader.

The ones who are safe in this Country are only Patriotic Front members, and if they choose to ignore this dictatorship today, they will surely live to regret their tolerance to this rot.

Truth be told, Edgar Lungu not only a dictator, but a brutal one too.


Mwale L.

Saviour Chishimba literally behind bars

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