How come there are no queues in shops, ATMs at Monthend’


I just want to bring out strange happenings I have witnessed in Kitwe. I am not sure if there is someone else out there who has observed this. The question I am asking myself is: did civil servants really get paid or its a rumor?

Around 20th of every month when civil servants get paid, the city centre is full of people from all over copperbelt. The banks are flooded. ATMs especially at ZANACO obote branch are characterized by long lines. Shops in Chisokone market are filled with people. The same is true in PEP and shoprite. But this month I haven’t seen this. The usually congested ZANACO is miraculously quiet and so are the shops and the congested Cisokone market. Maybe people are shopping at the new beautiful mall.

Yet I don’t think that’s true. Because my first worry was strengthened when I was buying dry fish in Chisokone Market. I overhead one marketeer complaining to her friend. She too was wondering where people have disappeared to. I was forced to ask three different marketeers. They all separately confirmed that there are few people buying their items. Could it be that there is a new market in Kitwe where they are now buying there things? I am not certain.

After my Chisokone encounter, I remembered what I earlier experienced in one Antelope Shop. I was shocked to find that a 10kg bag of flour is now at K66 from about K46 in almost a year. And nearly every thing has gone up. DSTV has even dealt a heavy blow to soccer lovers by moving EPL to a higher boque.

My conclussion is that the hash economic conditions are finally catching up with the civil servants and trickling down to businesses. They no longer have enough money to visit the shops and the market.
Chisokone market takes care of thousands of people. The widows, the orphans, the elderly directly or indirectly are affected by what happens in this market. Since sales have gone down, all thse people are surely in trouble.

Evenso, even if the economy is going down Mr. Kambwili is still fat and his boss is trying to catch up with him. President Lungu still travels more and extends his holidays when the people who voted for him nolonger have money to buy food.

Based on my observation I feel this suffering is now being felt by every one- those who are rich and poor, those who work and do not work and those who buy and sell. And all these know that it is Mr Lungu’s PF to blame.


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