How could Lungu expect votes in regions he never even campaigned?

Dear editor,

I see that even Fred Mmembe now wants to join the likes of Dora Siliya and others in demonizing the people of Southern and other regions for having voted for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the just ended elections.

For Mmembe it is understood because he obviously wants to promote his party with Wynter Kabimba the Rainbow Party which he hopes to draw same voting constituency with the UPND which again is tribal thinking.

But in all honestness, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has largely been known by so many people across the country unlike newcomer Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Hichilema went and campaigned and touched almost every constituency in Eastern province, Muchinga Province, Northern Province, Luapula province but people still rejected him.

I personally met HH here in Mansa and his message was very clear with his vision. But when I asked people why they would not vote for him, they had no explanation except saying ‘teti votele umuntonga’ (I can’t vote for a Tonga). So what did you want HH to do?

But Lungu only campaigned for less than 3 days in Southern, Western, and North-Western Provinces but still expected to get votes from these people just to prove they were not tribalists even if the have not been paid their money from FRA by the PF government.

And Lungu himself continued telling people that he had no vision, and refused to explain what he was going to for the country even in live television and radio channels, surely how could people have been expected to vote for him other than those who voted on tribal lines despite the harsh economic challenges?

Newton Chipulu

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